With more than 30 years experience of the Gas Assisted Moulding (GAM) process and 8 years involvement of Rapid Isolation Cooling & Heating (RICH) technology, Cinpres UK Limited is able to offer the largest range of equipment and design engineering support of any supplier for these two world beating injection moulding Process Technologies.

Gas Assisted Moulding

More than 30 years of development, Gas Assisted Moulding is now globally recognized as an important tool for designers and moulders alike to extend the benefits of injection moulded parts.

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Rapid Isolation Cooling & Heating

Rapid Isolation Cooling & Heating (Heat & Cool moulding) has, since its development in the mid 2000s become a powerful tool to improve the quality and scope of injection moulded articles.

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Streamoulding is a new and innovative approach to lightweighting plastics for Injection Moulding. The patented process is the world’s only plastics foaming technology that uses water to foam the polymer during the normal processing cycle in a specially designed retro fit mixing nozzle.

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