Gas Assisted Moulding

Nitrogen Generator: SPN Series

SPN Nitrogen Generators are based on the tried and trusted PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology giving Nitrogen purities from 98% to 99.9%

Gas Controller: GPC SF-2, SF-4

Mobile and versatile Cinpres’ GPCSF-2 / 4. Model of Gas Controller systems is supplied with either Two or Four independently controlled gas circuits using “state of the art” electromagnetic gas valve technology

Gas Controller: GPC FX-1, FX-2

Cinpres’ budget entry level single or two circuit GPCFX-1 /2 Gas Controller can be mounted on the IMM base frame or platen to minimise high pressure hose lengths.

Gas Injector Systems

Cinpres UK Ltd offer an extensive range of gas injector systems.

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Nitrogen Compressor: HPCOM T

Cinpres’ HPCOM 18T EDC (Electrical Driven Compressor) is a “true” vertical configuration reciprocating piston high pressure compressor system. The compressor block is manufactured by the world renowned JP Sauer & Sohn Germany. With an out put flow rate of 250-300Nl/min at 350 BarG the system can supply up to 4 IMMs running GAM tools.

Nitrogen Compressor: HPCOM

For larger installations Cinpres UK Limited offers the HPCOM32 EDC with and out put flow rate of 510Nl/min at 350 Barg, sufficient to run 7-8 IMMs. This horizontal configuration EDC reciprocating piston compressor also uses a Sauer & Sohn motor and block.

Nitrogen Compressor: GBA5

For single IMM applications running from a Bottled Nitrogen supply, Cinpres’ GBA5 Gas Booster (ADI) Air Driven Intensifier can supply 93Nl/min Nitrogen out put at 350 BarG.